Collin Schneide

Collin Schneide

Team Lead

Collin Schneide is saved by faith alone, by having believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, and called unto him to save him. Since 2012, he has been involved in several works including:

The States Project, as the administrative hand in compiling and editing the majority of lists for Pastor Anderson and Paul Wittenberger
The Psalms Project, as a solo artist putting many of the Psalms of the KJV to music
RVG 2010 Audio Bible, under the blessing of Dr. Humberto Gomez to create the New Testament in Audio for this amazing Spanish Bible

And now the KJVRVG. Collin is happily married to his pre-teen sweet heart Blair Schneide, and the couple have three children: Lillyan, Hannah, and Mark.

Collin is honored to serve and do his part in reaching the world with the gospel. “We are really going to reach the whole world with the gospel, the Bible, and hard preaching!” The KJVRVG is the culmination of faith in the promises of God, hard work in whatever you put your hand towards, and a vision to reach the world with the gospel.

The first verse Collin ever learned, by writing it 1000 times on a thousand CD’s was Romans 10:9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

email: [email protected]

Michael Hanna

Michael Hanna

Coding Lead

I got saved when I was 13 when the play “Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames” came to Bracebridge Ontario at my public school. Though I was away from the Bible for a long time, now I thank God for giving me this opportunity to help spread His Word to the whole world. I look forward to continuing to help find ways in bringing others to Christ through the skills that God gave me.
There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God. — 1 Samuel 2:2

Coding Team

Jonathan McCallister, Android Coding
Richard Long, Server Coding
Blake Rinkin, Admin Assistance
Shane Freeman, Admin Assistance
Estefano Leone, Graphics Design

Jonathan McCallister

Jonathan McCallister

Android Coding

I got saved when I was about 12 years old after hearing the gospel repeatedly in youth group at church.  Just before I got saved they showed us a video about how awful hell is, and also preached about it, and it really rattled me.  The fear of hell finally took root, and they had repeatedly preached to humble ourselves and ask Jesus to save us.  So I decided to believe that Jesus is the Christ, and the only way to heaven like the Bible says, and I called upon Him to save me in the shower at home.  I felt so relieved at that point, and youth group was a lot more fun for me after that.  But sadly, like most people I was as the 9 out of 10 lepers in Luke 17 who were healed by Jesus, but didn’t turn back to give glory to God.  My discipleship was very weak for a long, long time.

I knew I was saved.  I knew that salvation was by grace through faith, not of my own works, and that I was sealed by the Holy Spirit unto the day of redemption no matter what.  But I lost the joy of my salvation because I was out of church for a very long time, and wasn’t reading my Bible, or even praying that much.  I’ve suffered greatly over these disobedient years, yet the Lord has been very merciful to me in so many ways.  I think I’ve received mercy because the Lord knew that I would eventually come around like the prodigal son in Luke 15.

In August of 2016 I heard a man who claims the name of Christ talk in a YouTube video about how wonderful a committed marriage is.  I’ve never been married, in large part because I had no serious interest in any woman who isn’t a believer, and I was never around them because I wasn’t going to church.  Many times over the years I thought about how the solution to all of my problems was to get right with God, and that day I finally decided to get back into church to begin that process.  In short order, through my reading online I figured out that the King James Bible is the only inerrant translation of God’s Word into English.  I’ve been attending KJVO IFB churches since August of 2016, and I am currently attending Temple Baptist Church in Jacksonville, NC.

I found out about Pastor Steven Anderson by watching New World Order Bible Versions on YouTube.  I was getting tossed about by every wind of doctrine back then, starving and searching for good preaching to learn from.  I was listening to 4-6 hours of sermons every single day for many months.  Eventually I noticed that I had lost interest in the other preachers I had been listening to.  Pastor Anderson is such a great teacher and preacher, I think I’ve listened to about 400 of his sermons at this point.  Pastor Steven Anderson and others like Pastors Roger Jimenez, Donnie Romero, David Berzins, and Manly Perry motivated me to become a soul-winner through their fervent preaching.  I watched many of their soul-winning training sermons and seminars on YouTube.  I worked on memorizing soul-winning Bible verses, put tabs in my Bible to help me to be more concise in my presentation as a beginner, and one day on my lunch break the Lord finally used me to win a man named Vernon Hailey to the Lord on March 1, 2017.  I’ve led about 15 people to faith in Christ Jesus as of 07/21/2017, what an amazing honor to be used by Almighty God in that way!  I’ve been traveling to soul-winning marathons as much as I can since then, and I will continue to do so.  I’m very excited to travel abroad to highly receptive places like Malawi!  There’s a lot more to tell, but I’ll get into that through vlogs on my YouTube channel (jmccallister1769) as time goes on.

It’s an honor to be a part of the Faithful Audio team to help get God’s Word out to more people, especially His gospel message of the free gift of salvation received only by simple, child-like faith in Jesus Christ!

Domonique Davis

Domonique Davis

Team Reader of the KJV New Testament

Domonique Davis is an active member within Faithful Word Baptist Church located in Tempe Arizona. He was originally born and raised in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. At the age of 21 Domonique stumbled across Pastor Steven Anderson on the internet and was intrigued by his preaching. Through Steven Anderson’s preaching, Domonique’s eyes were opened to the gospel where he then called upon the name of the Lord Jesus.

Shortly after, he decided to relocate to Faithful Word Baptist Church located in Tempe, AZ where he would learn and grow in the knowledge of the Lord. He has been married to his beautiful wife Wendy Davis for 2 years, and since then God has blessed him with 2 wonderful children. Domonique is a song leader, bible reader, and soul winning leader in Faithful Word Baptist Church. He has also been the voice/narrator of Documentaries such as Failure To Obey, Marxist Lucifer King, Aids The Judgment Of  God, and many more.

Brother Domonique Davis is striving to get the word of God out to all nations in audio format with the help of Faithful Word Baptist Church and Collin Schneide. He hopes this project will inspire many people in their walk with God by hearing the Bible read with power and authority.

Renato Trevisan

Renato Trevisan

Team Reader for the ACF 2011 (Portuguese) New Testament, and Portuguese Audio Editor, English Audio Editor

Renato Trevisan is a translator and an English teacher. He was born, as most people in Brazil, as a Catholic. His father was a devout Catholic man and so he raised Renato and his family in that church. But, when his Father passed away in 1998, Bro Renato, his mother, and brother began to slowly stop going there. His brother still considers himself a Catholic, but he doesn’t go there nowadays.

Bro Renato and his mother looked everywhere to find God, from Spiritism to Jehovah’s Witnesses, from Buddhism to the Hare Krishna. In 2005 he met some Turkish people living in Brazil and began to contact them. He became friends with them. By the end of that year he even converted to Islam. But by 2007 or earlier he began to watch Pastor Steven Anderson’s sermons on YouTube. He also met his wife, who invited him to visit her church. So it wasn’t long that, by the end of 2007 he understood the Gospel, through Pastor Anderson’s sermons, and got saved. A little later he got baptized in his wife’s church.

In 2011 Bro Renato got married and in 2014 had a daughter. He has always loved to read texts out loud and recently God put it in his heart to do something about it. Then, when Brother Collin proposed him this project, he knew this was it.

Portuguese Translation

Renato Trevisan é tradutor e professor de inglês. Ele nasceu, como a maioria das pessoas no Brasil, católico. Seu pai era um católico devoto e criou Renato e sua família naquela igreja. Mas, quando seu pai faleceu em 1998, o Irmão Renato, sua mãe e irmão começaram a lentamente parar de ir na igreja católica. Seu irmão ainda se considera católico, mas não frequenta essa denominação hoje em dia.

O Irmão Renato e sua mãe procuraram Deus em todos os lugares, do Espiritismo às Testemunhas de Jeová, do Budismo aos Hare Krishna. Em 2005 ele conheceu alguns turcos que viviam no Brasil e começou a entrar em contato com eles. Ele se tornou amigo deles. No final daquele ano ele até se converteu ao Islã. Mas, por volta de 2007 ou antes, ele começou a assistir aos sermões do Pastor Steven Anderson no YouTube. Ele também conheceu sua esposa, que convidou ele para visitar sua igreja. Então, não demorou muito para, no final daquele de 2007 ele compreendeu o Evangelho, através dos sermões do Pastor Anderson, e foi salvo. Um pouco depois ele foi batizado na igreja de sua esposa.

Em 2011, o Irmão Renato se casou e em 2014 teve sua filha. Ele sempre gostou muito de ler textos em voz alta e recentemente Deus colocou em seu coração de fazer algo a respeito. Então, quando o Irmão Collin propôs a ele este projeto, ele sabia que era o que procurava.

Valerian Mayega

Valerian Mayega

French Ostervald Audio, and French Audio Editor, English Audio Editor Lead

Valerian Mayega was born in Kampala, Uganda. He grew up in Tanzania, Kenya, Italy, and the Ivory Coast (where he learned to speak French), before coming to the United States at age 15 for private school and higher education. He is trained as an Electrical Engineer and is father of two children.

Having not grown up in a Christian home, Valerian spent many years soul searching in false religions, particularly the New Age movement, which took him all over the US and to places as far as India. At age 39, he got saved after hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel by Pastor Steven Anderson. He began attending Faithful Word Baptist Church in February 2016 and got baptized shortly thereafter.

French Translation

Valerian Mayega est née à Kampala, en Ouganda. Il a grandi en Tanzanie, au Kenya, en Italie, et en Côte d’Ivoire (où il a appris à parler français), avant de venir aux États-Unis à l’âge de 15 ans pour l’école privée et l’enseignement supérieur. Il est formé en Ingénieur Électrique est et père de deux enfants.

N’ayant pas grandi dans une maison Chrétienne, Valerian a passé de nombreuses années en recherche d’âme dans les fausses religions, en particulier le mouvement New Age, qui l’a emmené partout aux États-Unis et à des endroits aussi loin que l’Inde. À l’âge de 39 ans, il a été sauvé après avoir entendu une présentation claire de l’Evangile par le Pasteur Steven Anderson. Il a commencé à fréquenter l’Église Baptiste du Mot Fidèle en février 2016 et a été baptisé peu de temps après

English Audio Editing Team

Valerian Mayega
John Brust
Kenton Knowles
Brandon Rogers
Renato Trevisan

Estafano Leone

Estafano Leone

Graphic Design

Estefano Leone
Born in 1988 in Perú, from a family of 3 boys. When he was 3 his catholic mom converted to bible believing christianism whom in the future years would convert the majority of her family and neighborhood to Christ.

He got married at the age of 25 to his wife Katie who is currently pregnant with a beautiful daughter.

Estefano went to Business Management College and Graphic Design School in Lima. He is currently serving in a non-profit ministry helping low resources kids, tutoring them with their homework and teaching them biblical doctrine along with his wife.

His life was radically changed when his brother introduced him to the documentary movie “Marching to Zion” from Pastor Steven Anderson. After that he got immersed in Faithful Word Baptist Church and Stedfast Baptist Church preachings and learned how to teach scriptures and have very good apologetics skills thanks to this wonderful ministries. He had been a believer all of his life but started soul winning in early 2016 and he is now happy to do so.

He thanks God for the life of Pastor Steven Anderson and how he influenced his life through his ministry and has lead a revival in his family.

All praise to the King of kings and Lord of Lords! Cristo reina!

Blake Rinkin

Blake Rinkin

Team Administrative Assistant

Blake Rinkin is a member of Verity Baptist Church Vancouver. Blake grew up in a small town in Oregon, and is married to his wife Brittany. The Lord has blessed them with a beautiful daughter.

Blake grew up most of life thinking he was a saved Christian, but thought more or less good works would get you into heaven. He had an empty void he needed to fill and had no idea where to start. Playing in bands and going to concerts were his soul purpose in life. However, as he became a young man in his late teens and early 20’s he became heavily involved with politics, both as a follower and as an activist. He has led rallies, and made YouTube videos, but shortly discovered how empty and unprofitable it was. Then he began watching Pastor Steven Anderson online and instantly took to the preaching. Eventually, he heard a true and complete gospel presentation in 2013 from one of Pastor Anderson’s videos titled “Basic Soul Winning Demonstration” and called upon the name of the Lord that day.

Although he had a long way to go, he began making changes in his life as he felt the Holy Spirit convicting him. Blake and his wife began searching for churches in their area. Unfortunately, every one of them would just be a compromise. Nothing would ever compare to the preaching he would watch online, and the zeal that FWBC had for God and soul winning. Blake wanted to live for God very bad, but felt like nobody around him in the churches shared the same zeal. Then Blake finally had a chance at soul winning at the Portland, OR soul winning marathon hosted by Pastor Anderson. He met his good friend, Aaron Thompson, for the first time that day, and accompanied him as the silent partner. His heart leaped for joy when he witnessed a 16 year old girl get saved. He was hooked.

Blake now has a busy life between work and church, and is always thinking about soul winning. It is his favorite thing to do. He is very pleased to be a part of this team and hopes it impacts the lives of millions of people all over the world. Anything is possible with Jesus, when the path gets rough remember Romans 8:31 “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”

Pastor Steven Anderson

Pastor Steven Anderson

Greek Audio Production

Pastor Steven Anderson was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. At age 18, he travelled throughout Germany and Eastern Europe for 3 months serving in local independent Baptist churches, studying foreign languages, and getting experience in the ministry. It was on this trip that he met his future wife, Zsuzsanna, while out soul-winning in the streets of Munich, Bavaria. He eventually led her to the Lord, and they were married shortly thereafter. They have been married for over 16 years, and God has blessed them with 9 beautiful children.
Pastor Anderson started Faithful Word Baptist Church on December 25, 2005. He holds no college degree but has well over 140 chapters of the Bible memorized word-for-word, including approximately half of the New Testament. Today, most Baptist churches are started by Bible colleges. However, the Bible makes it clear that the church is the pillar and ground of the truth, not a school. Faithful Word Baptist Church is a totally independent Baptist church, and Pastor Anderson was sent out by an independent Baptist church in Northern California to start it the old-fashioned way by knocking doors and winning souls to Christ.

Sean Jolley

Sean Jolley

Spanish Lead

Sean Jolley was saved by grace through faith upon hearing the preaching of the gospel by Pastor Steven Anderson in a ten-minute YouTube video entitled “Basic Soul Winning Demonstration” in April of 2014.  Having previously identified himself as a Christian, he did not understand what it meant to be saved until learning the truth about salvation: It is a free everlasting gift for those that place all their faith on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Upon being indwelled with the Holy Spirit, there awoke within him a great spiritual hunger for the things of God to include hard Bible preaching, the reading of the King James Bible, and ultimately, door-to-door soulwinning.  Having studied Spanish for most of his life, Sean decided to put his talent to use in preaching the gospel to Spanish speakers and in translating Christian materials into Spanish.  He edited translation work and did voice over work for the 2016 Spanish dubbed release of the 2015 Framing the World Productions documentary film, “Marching to Zion”.

He hopes to complete many future translations for the furtherance of God’s kingdom.  Sean lives in Williamsburg, Virginia with his wife, Karla, son, John David, and daughter, Diana Sofia and endeavors to one day hold the office of a bishop or evangelist.

Spanish Team

Sean Jolley
Efrain Vargas
Eric Ballesteros
Jorge Ramos
Juan Payan
Robinson Ortiz

Dr Gomez

Dr Gomez

Translator for RVG

Nací en la ciudad de Monterrey, Nuevo León un 17 de Septiembre de 1952. Siendo yo de apenas dos años mis padres emigraron a Matamoros, Tamaulipas donde he vivido por los últimos sesenta años. Tenía apenas ocho años cuando quedé huérfano de padre junto con seis hermanos, todos pequeños; mi madre hizo un gran esfuerzo para criarnos correctamente pero le fue muy difícil. Mi infancia fue muy triste, crecí bajo una profunda pobreza. A la edad de once años, tome licor por primera vez y de ahí me hundí en el vicio. Mi pobreza llegó a ser, no sólo económica, sino moral, física y espiritual.

Desafortunadamente mis hermanos siguieron mi mal ejemplo y cayeron en una vida de vicio y crimen. A la edad de diecinueve años ya estaba hastiado de la vida; y en mi momento más obscuro, 04, de Octubre de 1971 llegó un hombre con una Biblia en la mano a hablarme del precioso evangelio de Cristo, lo creí y mi vida fue gloriosamente transformada. Después tuve la bendición de guiar a toda mi familia a los pies de Jesucristo. Seis meses después de ser salvo Dios me llamó a predicar, lo cual he hecho por más de cuarenta y cinco años.

Un 20 de Diciembre de 1975, tuve la bendición de contraer matrimonio con la señorita Imelda Magdalena Barrios González. Dios nos ha dado cuatro preciosos hijos; Humberto Jr. Angie, Imeldita y Abigail. También tengo la bendición de que cuatro de mis hermanos sean predicadores; tres somos Misioneros en México y dos predican en Estados Unidos. Dios ha llamado a mi hijo Humberto Jr. a ser Misionero; y también tengo un buen número de sobrinos predicando la palabra de Dios.

He tenido el privilegio de servir a Dios, como Misionero, Pastor y Evangelista. Bajo mi prédica he visto varios miles de almas venir a los pies de Jesucristo. Tengo la bendición de haber participado en establecer, o ayudar a establecer un buen número de Iglesias Bautistas y en nuestra obra, Dios ha llamado a un buen número de varones al Santo ministerio. En Marzo de 1994, en nuestro campamento anual, ordenamos a doce varones al Santo Ministerio. En Marzo de 1995, ordenamos a nueve, y en Marzo de 1996 ordenamos otros nueve, lo que hace un total de treinta en un lapso de sólo dos años. También he tenido el privilegio de predicar en muchos Países, a diferentes razas y en casi toda la República Mexicana.

Todo lo que se ha logrado se debe sólo a la Gracia de Dios y a que Cristo un día llegó a mi vida, A ÉL SEA LA GLORIA, LA HONRA Y MI GRATITUD.

I was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon on September 17, 1952. I was only two years old when my parents migrated to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, where I have lived for over sixty years. I was only eight when my father died and he left behind seven orphaned children. My mother made a great effort to raise us properly but it was very difficult. My childhood was very sad as I grew up in deep poverty. At the age of eleven, I drank alcohol for the first time and from there I went down the drain. My poverty became, not only economic, but moral, physical and spiritual.

Unfortunately all my brothers followed my example, as they sunk into a life of vice and crime. At the age of nineteen, I was already tired of life, but at the darkest hour of my life, on October 4, 1971, a man came to me with a Bible in his hand and presented to me the precious gospel of Christ. I believed it and my life was gloriously transformed. After my salvation I had the blessing to lead my whole family to the Lord Jesus Christ. Six months after I was saved God called me to preach, which I have been doing for more than forty years.

On December 20, 1975, I married Miss Imelda Magdalena Barrios González. God has given us four precious children; Humberto Jr., Angie, Imelda and Abigail. I also have the blessing that four of my brothers are preachers; three are Missionaries in Mexico and two preach in the United States. God has also called my son Humberto Jr. to be a Missionary and I have a good number of nephews preaching the word of God.

I have had the privilege to serve God as a Missionary, Pastor, and Evangelist. Under my preaching I have seen several thousands of souls come to the feet of Jesus Christ. God has given me the blessing of participating in the establishment of multiple Baptist churches where over 50 men have been called to the Ministry. On March 1994 during our annual camp meeting, we ordained twelve men to the Ministry. On March 1995, we ordained nine, and in March 1996 we ordained another nine, making a total of thirty in a span of only two years. I have had the privilege to preach in many countries, to different races and throughout all the Republic of Mexico.

All that has been achieved is due only to the Grace of God and because one day Christ came to my life, TO HIM BE THE GLORY, THE HONOR AND MY GRATITUDE.

Coming Bios

Efrain Vargas, Spanish Counsel
Jorge Ramos, Spanish Counsel
Conrad Rutkowski, Gdansk  Reader and Editor
Pastor Joe Major, Red Hot Conference Representative
Inderpreet Anand, Hindi 1874  Reader/ Editor
Jaiarshdeep Singh Bedi, Old Punjabi Bedi Reader/ Editor
Hunor Kasco, Hungarian Karolia Gaspar Audio
Jeffrey Bahamundi, 
Tagalog  Audio
Alexander Schreiber, German Audio
Tim Xing, 
Chinese Union Version
Nicholas Mabuse, Setswana Audio
Bogdan Valeryevich, Библия Короля Иакова Russian Reader
Victor Ik Inwugwu, Igbo  Audio
Gabriel Domocus, Romanian Audio and Formatting
Nidal Arnouk, Arabic Audio Smith Van Dyke
Richard Long, Server Coder
Shane Freeman, Administrative Assistant
Kenton Knowles, English Audio Editor
Steve Gould, Server Assistance
Eric Ballesteros, Spanish Counsel
Brandon Rogers, English Audio Editor
Syrintia Utzler, Taiwanese Audio
Chimwemwe Samson, Chichewa Team Lead
Daniel Lemson, Chichewa Audio
Robinson Ortiz,
 Spanish Counsel
Samuel Rubhen, Tamil Audio
Joshua Haley, New Testament to Music
Angelica Kim, Korean Plan of Salvation
Seraph Legese, Amharic Plan of Salvation
Wade Kidwell, Web Development
Michelle Kidwell, Scripture to Music
Joseph Freeman, Uploading Tools
Ramon Ventura, Photograpy and Music
Matt Dean, Dutch Audio
Stephen Smith, Server Administration
Shepherd Tanaka, Shona Audio
Peter Van Wyk, Afrikaans Audio

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