The Faithful Audio Project

The KJV RVG, hosted by the Faithful Audio Team. Funded in part by FWBC, with representation thereof by Brother Domonique Davis.

 This application is the beginning of a much greater global project. We currently support the Audio of the RVG New Testament and are also preparing for the addition of the KJV Audio. In the meanwhile we are continuing to record other language’s textus receptus Bibles. This application will also someday house the texts of each New Testament, with the function to read several languages on the same page!

Currently the native speakers helping to see this application come together are:
Domonique Davis (English)
Sean Jolley (Spanish)
Conrad Rutkowski (Polish)
Renato Trevisan (Portuguese)
Jorge Ramos (Spanish 1602)
Valerian Mayega (French)

The current reader of the RVG New Testament available in this application is Collin Schneide, who is also the editor of the RVG new Testament as well as the KJV New Testament. This application is produced in accordance with the copyright on the RVG Bible.

We are currently searching for a Spanish Reader for the 1602P Version.
We are also looking for additional coders to assist our growing group of faithful men.

The KJV RVG Vision

This application is full of promise, and we hope that you enjoy what is just the beginning! We look forward to seeing this work grow more and more! Already we are reaching out to get the gospel across international boundries in any language that has a faithful Bible, but even more so someday to reach out with hard preaching. Applications are the future of technology. Someday each church will have it’s own application, and this work will be just the beginning. We hope to incorporate spin-off’s of FWBC preaching sections, Verity Baptist preaching sections, FWBC Hymns sections, and the like, all in one convenient place.

Please contact us for more information, and check out our Youtube channels for free downloadable copies of the Audio.

For the glory of God and his Word Jesus Christ!
The Faithful Audio Team